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Lola Paradise: T For Topheavy


You have to enjoy an nice light-haired who will get lightheaded, giggly and saucy about her huge doozies. Lola Paradise is that roughly big-chested charmer. Dickens luvs her fat, mind-blowing, brilliant torpedoes that newborn calls “kumquats”, and newborn luvs to flash them off–along with each different centimeter of her shapely physique–for the XLGirls digital camera. The sight of sensation newborn has on her beautiful face is worthwhile.

Lola’s introduced her recent tops and hooter-slings to place on and take off. Her alternatives are at all times stunning and flash off her nationwide treasures flawlessly. The recent additions to her cloth cabinet are keepers, needless to say. Dickens’s additionally introduced her fat pumping out plaything to have fun with.

XLGirls: Do you will have any jokey behavior?

Lola Paradise: Possibly toying with my shimmies when I’m witnessing TV.

XLGirls: Do different girls ever remark about your torpedoes?

Lola Paradise: Sure, they are saying, “Oh, my god, you’re so huge-boobed!” or “What measurement they’re?” They ask about my hooter-slingsR30;the place I purchase them, and if my again hurts.

XLGirls: What’s the most-unusual coupling posture you’ve gotten ever attempted?

Lola Paradise: I’m nonetheless looking ahead to it! Any person wanna purchase me a Kama Sutra e-book?

XLGirls: What posture do you sleep in?

Lola Paradise: I sleep on my again or my facet, by no means on my stomach.

Date: September 10, 2021