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Jessica Bunnington: Jessy The Coed


Foolish elegance is over for the day and Jessica “Jessy Bunny” Bunnington is antsy to love her ample shakers, pierced puffies and bald, slick vag. All this foolish converse makes Jessy’s vag mayo. A massive plaything sates her oral fetish.

“Most often I do not put on a brassiere as a result of I enjoy to let my pierced puffies glisten thru my attire,” Jessy stated. “I put on a brassiere relying on my temper, perhaps if I need to entice anyone, get my shakers the entire approach up there and of their face.”

Jessy needs to get fatter shakers, and understanding her, infant’s decided to fulfill her objective. Bairn adores ample spheres. Bairn needs yam-sized knockers. “As I grew senior, this dream by no means vanished,” Jessy wrote. “It used to be some of the very first issues for me to enlarge my sandbags, as a result of ample sandbags are such a lot cooler than dull naturals.”

Date: July 9, 2021